Philippa Meaden Biography

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Following a successful 15 year career working for the largest co owned retailer, the John Lewis Partnership, Philippa set up her Engagement Specialist consultancy early 2014 and following collaboration has recently become a Lead Associate at JGadd Associates.

Spanning roles within the commercial and HR field, the last 7 years saw Philippa working within the Partnership's critical independent function, responsible for engagement, assurance, democratic responsibility and employee care.

Representative Client engagement:

Tasked with strengthening specific employee engagement behaviours in poorly engaged parts of the business, led a series of initiatives across 10 months, benchmarked against annual Partners’ Survey. Succeeded in driving up scores on Open, honest, respectful culture, and nurture a climate where individuals felt engaged, involved and valued. Survey completion rate went from 63% to 95%.

Created and delivered a 3-month bespoke in-house education programme to take a team of senior leaders (50% of whom were new in post) to deeper and more practical level of understanding the detailed democratic governance of the Partnership, supporting communication and working with Partnership councils, forums and individuals at different levels.

Current work includes - London based legal recruitment firm

Designed and implemented a democratic mutual governance model to promote stronger employee participation. In collaboration with employees, built a cultural engagement framework. (June-August 2014) Further collaboration ongoing.

Client Types & Levels of Experience:

  • Director, Board Level
  • Leadership Teams individual/group facilitation
  • Senior manager and reporting teams
  • Non-management teams
  • Elected representative bodies (varying stakeholders)

Areas of Expertise:

  • How engagement increases innovation, productivity, and work place moral
  • Transformational/organisational change during succession to ownership models
  • Benefits and practicalities of a co-owned democratic models in a busy workplace
  • Enabling values, principles and cultures to make a difference
  • Using emotional intelligence to better your business

Clients from Private, Public and Not for profit sectors:

  • Non-food & food retail
  • Recruitment industry

Cultural, Multi-National Experience:

  • UK

Professional / Corporate Experience:

  • Founder and Associate Director of businesses that enable organisations to grow through  engaging and engagement
  • Senior leader in a co-owned business
  • Reviews/Restructures. HR and Independent lead
  • Chair and facilitator of meetings. Board level and elected representatives varying bodies

Training and Education:

  • General education up to and including degree level
  • Further educational work specific courses from NLP Facilitation and Coaching to ‘Change management’ and HR Policy

Professional Affiliations:

  • EOA Membership

Real Community Service (RCS)

  • Domestic abuse service