• Strategy review / creation
  • Critical feedback
  • Meeting facilitation

You will be aware that for many leaders, successful employee engagement is recognised as providing a key advantage. Genuine engagement requires skill, confidence and courage. We will support your organisation by unlocking the right framework and coaching leaders on their engagement strategy, providing honest and challenging feedback on its effectiveness. This will be gathered through critical observation and confidential interviews or meeting facilitation, all reinforced by coaching and support in leading successful engagement meetings.


“… Jeremy worked closely with me in Chairing an elected Consultation Group for a Directorate going through a large-scale restructure. He has a good listening style and quickly enables teams to articulate their focus and requirements. He enabled me - as the leader of the restructure - to operate more effectively as a result, and ultimately to land change more effectively …”
Ben Stimson, Director Retail Services

“… Jeremy played an important role in creating a different way of thinking, especially when we were looking to make a fundamental change to our operating model. Despite the considerable challenges we faced, Jeremy and his team created a solution that not only secured the engagement from those that would be most affected by the change, but actually got them to design the solution that went well beyond what we could have ever expected. It was his ability to think outside the box, engage others in such a positive way, whilst employing some excellent listening skills that secured the desired outcome …”
Malcolm Way, Head of Convenience (Operations)